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Cholula: Market Tour and Tortilla Workshop

Quick Details

Price USD
Price MEX$
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 4 - 12

Experience Cholula and Its Importance in Agriculture.

Cholula has always been an extremely important city, not only because of its religious and ceremonial background but also for its importance in agriculture. Cholula’s strategic proximity to the volcano Popocatépetl, provide fertile croplands and plenty of water. On this adventure, you’ll discover what makes Cholula so unique in food delicacies.

Reach the top of the pyramid and learn about Cholula’s local and lifestyle, walk around its colorful streets and get steeped in Mexican Culture. Go deep into the local market to find out about its fresh & local goods and of course, food. Learn and experience how the corn is milled to make some warm tortillas with your own hands! Once you’ve mastered the art of tortilla-making, enjoy a nutritious meal prepared with fresh, locally-grown ingredients such as sprouts, greens and beans!

What to Bring

  • Come with comfortable shoes, water, sunscreen, sunglasses and/or hat