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Use this Quizlet to improve your verb vocabulary.


Improve your pronunciation


Listen to these different accents and realize the difference between them.

Typical food Poblana

Learn to eat traditional food, where it comes from and why it is here (And at the same time you can take advantage and practice your English) Chiles in Nogada Arab Tacos  

How are we Mexicans?

Stereotypes We are full of them. We get an idea about people we do not know simply by coming from a country or having a certain nationality. But what do foreigners think of us? And what about the political environment? In these videos of SuperHolly and Ford Quarterman we can give us a better idea of ​​what Mexicans think of us. Day of…

What you need to know

“Puebla de los Ángeles” The legend tells that one night- September 28, 1530- Fray Julián Garcés, Bishop of Tlaxcala, dreamed of a wide green valley surrounded by clear rivers in which the angels came down and traced a city with golden threads with straight streets , just like a chessboard; finding thus, the ideal place to begin with the foundation of the “Very Noble and Very Loyal City of Puebla de los Ángeles”. It was named after Queen Elizabeth of Portugal in 1532 and officially founded on April 16, 1531. The architecture of the city dates from the sixteenth century with a Renaissance style, the religious architecture of the seventeenth century to the decorations in mortar and plaster of the eighteenth century. The late Neoclassical Architecture is present in the nineteenth century and finally the city of Puebla lives a transition in architecture…

What to do in Puebla

The city of los angeles has a myriad of activities, from tours that take you to the most beautiful places in the center and around the state, to cultural activities in museums and public spaces that are free for the whole family. Do not stay without enjoying them all!